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Uppermill Res V Breightmet Res

Its been a few weeks since the last update and the Reserves continue on the rich vein of form which has seen us rise to the dizzy heights of 9th! With 5 games in hand which will push us up the league somewhat.

With successive wins against Wilmslow and Elton Vale, The Mill came into the game lloking for their 6th straight win.

The start of the game was delayed whilst the ground staff at Churchill dealt with the small issue of a small boating lake which had appeared on the hallowed turf.

The game started with several players obviously suffering from the effects of Xmas parties from the previous evening.  Jose Shediniho has now got a new assistant manager in the young Brendon Walton!  There were alos several changes to the team with a few players being promoted to the first team and the return of the Bagboa "The General".  Uppermill made the slower start and Breightmet showed early promise and form which didnt reflect their league position.

Early on and a thundrous drive brought out a great save from the general who started to show why negotiations for his return delivered.  The Mill started to struggle but showed dangerous intent with Milo and Nick starting the exploit the gaps.  DT was again the midfield Dynamo whilst Byron had a nice strole around the field, and would of made some nice daisy chains if there had been any flowers available to pick!

Half time came and a pep talk from the management rang home with some players who started to play.  James Le Moonster on loan from international club Tolouse came close with a great free kick which hit the post.  Then distaster, a corner was taken which fell kindly to the centre half who then turned the ball into the net, 1-0 Breightmet.

Uppermill started to push for an equaliser and with 20 mins left Cooney on a rare trip up field, tip toed through the defence to strike a sweet left foot drive into the corner of the net.  Uppermill looked the stronger of the two teams and kept pushing for a second.  With 8 minutes left Breightmet took the lead, this called for some managerial genius from the bench.  On went Brendon and Jose to try and get something from the game.  With a minute left a quick free kick was taken and the ball was driven in from the right by Shawy with what seemed like the other 9 outfield players sliding in on the keeper, Nick got the touch which gave us the equaliser.

Straight from the kick off Breightmet pushed and a miss placed tackle from Brendon meant a red card and the end of his game after only 4 minutes.  The resulting free kick fell to the General who finished the game with a 'Hale Mary!'

Overall a deserved point with Uppermill Res still unbeaten in 6 games.  So to Xmas and next week the visit of Leigh Athletic.




Its not the taking part that counts.....its the winning!!

Leigh Reserves Vs Uppermill Reserves (19th Oct 2013)

As they say on FIFA 14 "Welcome to this weeks game at the Wembley of the North....Leigh".  The mighty Uppermill reserves arrived at the game after an initial discussion on why Dave 'I never moan' Taylor questioned why he had to drive, bearing in mind Dave has played for Uppermill for the last 10+ years and only passed his test last year, so I think he owes a few lifts, but thats another story.

This weeks team was boosted by the selection of Cooney, Mad Aaron and the experienced Pheby aka the 'Fat Number 9'.  The team arrived at Leigh to what can only be described as the best footballing service ever seen by most of the team, and to be honest it was a better service than the last time I played on Huddersfield towns ground.  It had grass on it and no matter how hard we tried, not one bobble was seen on the pitch.

Uppermill fielded a strong team and had a new player in the ranks Nick aka Liam, George, Pete or what evername Jose Shediniho decided to callhim at any one point.  The team talk was easy and everyone was fired up for a game in which Uppermill were looking for their third straight win in the league.  Matt Walton came along to provide some much needed sideline entertainment, but it must be said he is without doubt the ugliest cheer leader ever seen!

Leigh took to the field and from early expectations it appeared they had all spent the last 10 years or so stood in grow bags from B&q, they were absolutely massive!!  So the tactcal approach of bombing the box was out of the question.

Uppermill started quickly and within a few minutes had Leigh scampering back as the quick wingers and strike force of Pheby and Nick caused real havoc.  Then a great header from nick unleashed Pheby and with a drop of the sholder and acceleration not seen since the titanic left dock, blazed past his marker to fire the ball into the net, 1-0 to the mill with barely 3 minutes on the clock.
From the kick off Uppermill pressed and again some good intricate passing ended with Joe crossing the ball in for DT to volley the ball for a certain goal.....but Alas the Leigh Keeper pulled out a Worldy save!
The pressure was relentless, Uppermill ran Leigh ragged when a pass into the rejuvinated Pheby who turned his man and fired an unstappable shot into the top corner of the Leigh net, 2-0 to Uppermill with 8 mins on the clock.
Jose was dancing around on the touchline and couldnt quite believe what he was seeing, visions of the mighty uppermill Tigers flashed back!
Again good work down the right from Yozzer 'Spa Day' Hughes fed the lively Nick who drove into the box, a clumsy tackle from one of the tree trunk centre halfs meant only one thing...a penalty to Milll.  I dont think it was ever in doubt, Pheby picked up the ball and placed in on the spot....the crowd went silent (Well all 10 of them), three strides bang...keeper goes the wrong way and its a hatrick for the 'Slim No9', he runs behind the goal to accept the applause of the crowd, except they were on the other side of the ground!  3-0 in the first 12 minutes and a hatrick with that.
The Leigh team were shell shicked, even putting several first team players in the team (As they didnt have a game!) couldnt stop the Uppermill team rampaging on the pitch.  The game was all one way traffic and on 22 minutes the dbutant Nick popped up with a goal, 4-0 and all is well.
Leigh made several changes and started to get a foothold in the game at the latter end of the half, as the whistle blew Jose got the team in for a much needed chat.  The towring Rainey had to come off as his sholder was giving him problems, which he kept explaining to Yozzer 'Look how high my shoulder is'

The second half started with Leigh exerting some real pressure and playing 4 up front, they huffed and they puffed but they couldnt blow the uppermill defence down.  Uppermill started to defend deeper and deeper, much to the annoyance of Jose.  A quick break from Uppermill saw Yozzer hit the bar with an effort which we all felt would have been converted, had jose been on the Pitch!
Leigh were now pressing and playing with 3 at the back and what seemed like 7 upfront!  After an exchange of words between Jose and Captain Murray about how deep we were defending, Murray decided to listen to Jose's advice.......he let the Leigh player, who was 5 yards offside, run through and slot the ball passed Aaron for a goal..4-1.
Whilst the second half provided few chances, Uppermill did have several chances to extend their lead and Milo went closest with a Van Persie style strike!
The game finished with a 4-1 win.  like a Polaris nuclear submarine waiting off the coast of a rogue nation, uppermill are sneaking up the league table from where they can launch their strike on the top.  Onwards and Upwards.

Jose Shediniho


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