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3rd XI - Update

3rd XI Update !!

Firstly let me apologise to anyone who reads these match reports for our disastrous attempt at keeping these up to date. Not an excuse but the start of the season has been very very hectic and a lot of things and sorting out has happened in order to keep the club as a well oiled machine.

DIGGLE at Home - Wednesday 28th August

Referee: Steve Bottom - Kick Off 6:15pm

First Game of the season eagerly anticipated with an indifferent set of friendly results behind plus the added complication of Manchester League midweek games, plus unsettled squads,  me and leechy managed to assemble a team that thought could compete against a Diggle side who had strengthened over the summer although not all newbies were present.

Game started at a face pace with new players Lee Collett in goal, Cockney Pete at Full back plus youngsters Sam Flan, Matt Ralph, Kieron Atkinson & Luke Butler in there to help out the team before they departed for the bright lights of University, very selfish I think that they would put Beer/Women and all night parties ahead of away trips to Wooldale & Cartworth Moor - Madness I know!!!  Anyhow, enough of setting the scene.

Ill break the game into two parts (i) the first 18 mins – we battled, held our shape condensed their forward play and tried a couple of breakaways, notable appearance put in by Sam Sick Flan in midfield until he had to come off with a mysterious tummy bug.

The second part (ii) the last 72 mins, we learned how not to defend against a quick well drilled forward line, plus how not to hold our shape when being over run by people that were too quick and clever for us, this combination alongside a huge lack of endeavor from the Mill and knowing when we need a big tackle or a driving run resulted in a very one sided game and Diggle came out 5-0 victors.

I think we will give them more of a game when we play them again this season in late October but for now the bragging rights deservedly belonged to the Digglers!!

Match Stats

L.Collett, P.Duburnham, G.Mills, A.Wilson, R.Staley, S.Flanaghan, A.Stewardson, D.Taylor, P.Austin, K.Atkinson, L.Butler. Subs M.Ralph, M.Poulter, C.Neild

MOM – S.Flanghan


Att: 7


3rd Team

Managers: Phil Butterworth & Andy Thorpe


Training: Thurs 7:30pm at Mossley Hollins School (3G)

League: Huddersfield League Division Four

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